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How to Track Your Senior Health Journey

You may be concerned with your health, or the health of a loved one, but you may not know how to gauge how well you or they are doing. The following metrics can help to assess where you or loved one stands health-wise now. You can also use the same parameters as benchmarks to check where things stand at three, six, nine and 12 months after beginning an exercise routine or engaging in any senior health journey.

senior going up stairs outside
  • I can walk easily up or down two or more flights of stairs.
  • I can take out the trash without difficulty.
  • I engage in vacuuming, dusting and light housework without fatigue.
  • I can walk for at least one mile without rest.
  • I can reach up for high objects or pick up objects from the floor without pain.
  • I have no difficulty raking leaves, gardening, lawn mowing or with other outdoor work.
  • I feel strong and healthy most of the time.
  • I am independent in my daily functioning.
  • I have high energy levels.
  • I am as physically active as other people my age or younger.
senior raking leaves

If the answers to the questions above are not as positive as you would like, don’t become discouraged. Instead, view the results as a starting point. Work with your physician or health care provider to gauge whether it is safe to begin an exercise program. If needed, your doctor can work with a physical therapist or other professional to develop a customized, modified exercise routine just for you, while addressing any medical conditions that may limit or prohibit you from becoming more active.

“You can gauge you loved one’s health by asking them a few simple questions.”

As you and your doctor gauge these metrics at various benchmarks, it is entirely possible that you will have made tremendous progress, which should encourage you to continue your routine. You may also lose weight or be able to reduce certain medications as your physical condition improves. Your mood and sense of well-being may also improve.

At Westwind House, we encourage our residents to engage in physical activity appropriate to their abilities.

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