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Why Healthy Eating Can Keep Us Young

Why Healthy Eating Can Keep Us Young You’ve probably been hearing it your whole life: a balanced diet is crucial to good health. And healthy eating only becomes more important as we age! Getting a wide range of nutrients from fruits, veggies, calcium, grains and...

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What Is an Annual Wellness Visit and Why Is It Important?

What Is an Annual Wellness Visit and Why Is It Important? Individuals are living longer, and often maintaining relatively good health well into old age. One aspect of maintaining optimal health among seniors is an annual wellness visit. Along with a physical, an...

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The First 3 Months

The First 3 Months Transition is challenging for everyone, yet it can be especially difficult for seniors, as it means leaving long-standing routines and habits. That’s why it’s important that friends and loved ones can be there to lend a hand during these monumental...

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The Assisted Living Staff You Should Get to Know

We all know that the resources available at an assisted living community are important. However, staff members who interact with your loved ones represent the heart of the community. The list below represents several key staff members of assisted living communities –...

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Staying in Touch

Just because a family member or loved one has moved into an assisted living or retirement community doesn’t mean you can’t maintain the same kind of relationship you had when they were living on their own. Although it can be challenging when a friend or relative...

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Senior Living and Changing Needs

Senior Living & Changing Needs Aging is a reality of life. As time goes on, it’s important to plan for living options that make sense in light of changing needs. Independence, quality of life and type of residence in one’s later years depend upon health, finances...

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How to Talk to Your Family About Retirement Care

How to Talk to Your Family About Retirement Care Retirement age care is a sensitive topic of discussion. It’s a challenging process for adult children to decide how they should care for their parent or loved one as they age. It can be a struggle for siblings to agree...

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Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Get A Good Night's Sleep Many seniors have sleep issues that prevent them from getting deep, restorative sleep. They may fall asleep easily enough, but sleep restlessly or wake up too early. To a certain extent, that’s a function of getting older – many seniors simply...

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Five Ways Senior Living Communities Promote Nutrition

Science has proven a significant link between nutrition and quality of life. However, meal planning and nutrition for seniors can be challenging, because of the side effects of medications, decreased ability to taste as we age, and changing appetites. Often, seniors...

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Six Things to Help Protect Eyesight

Chances are that most people over the age of 40 are dealing with some degree of presbyopia. This complex term refers to the natural changes that occur with aging eyes. Presbyopia makes it more difficult to read small print, which is the main reason many...

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