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We all know that the resources available at an assisted living community are important. However, staff members who interact with your loved ones represent the heart of the community. The list below represents several key staff members of assisted living communities – and what you should know about them.

Wellness Nurse

Also known as nurse practitioners or staff nurses, wellness nurses provide hands-on medical care for residents. Many communities have nurses on staff around the clock to handle emergencies.


Activities Director

These valuable staff members go by many names, including social director and lifestyle coordinator. Activities directors are in charge of social programs, entertainment, and diversion for residents in assisted living care communities.


Medical Director

These professionals serve as liaisons between residents’ physicians, nursing staff, and residents and/or caregivers and loved ones in assisted living communities. They are responsible for evaluating and overseeing medical care for senior living community residents.

Resident Care Coordinator

These individuals are responsible for handling financial and other administrative aspects of residents’ care. They are in frequent communication with insurance providers as well as medical care staff.

Dietary Coordinator

Also known as clinical nutrition managers, they may plan menus for an entire assisted living community as well as work directly with individual residents.


Housekeeping Staff

Housekeeping staff members maintain the upkeep and cleanliness assisted living care communities, as well as servicing individual residents’ quarters.

“They interact with your loved ones and represent the heart of the community; get to know your assisted living staff.”

Nursing Assistants

Nursing provide personal assistance to residents such as bathing, feeding and dressing for assisted living care communities. They interact with residents more often than nearly everyone else on staff does.


Administrative Assistants

They field phone calls from family members and the general public concerning matters such as visiting hours and weekly menus for assisted living communities.

Charge Nurse

Charge nurses oversee nursing staff at senior living care communities, assuring that residents receive acute and emergency care. They work in 8-hour shifts, with three nurses assigned to cover the entire day.

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